About Me


I was born and raised in NY and started my career in design and television more than 14 years ago in Miami. It was one of those “weird coincidences”, but I don’t believe in coincidences. My Wall Street finance background and entrepreneurial spirit propelled me to give it a try. I was young, single and I had nothing to lose. I knew almost nothing, but I’ve always had great taste and an ability to learn anything quickly, so I felt my odds were better than average. Everyone told me I was crazy, some people told me I should find another career and others told me I didn’t stand even a remote chance in such a cut throat industry. I always listened to the positive advice, but never to those who told me I couldn’t do it. I simply blocked out the noise, smiled, said thank you and continued to forge ahead. My Wall Street training had taught me that every no leads you closer to a yes, so when I heard the word “no”, I actually got excited! I read endlessly, studied, met with industry leaders, worked really hard and eventually I knew what I was doing. After two years, I felt it was time to start my own business.

Shortly after I started my company, Cachet Home Remodeling Consultants, I noticed there was a popular morning show on NBC and I decided to give them a call. I had no budget for advertising and an innate abilitiy to get people to listen to me. I sent a quick description of myself, a pitch to appear on the show and a headshot. Almost immediately after I wrote that email I was diagnosed with cancer. I was treated and cured and healthy today, thank God. I never felt sorry for myself. Rather, I felt blessed. I was, after all, going to be just fine. I had my whole life ahead of me and the future felt very bright. On my final follow up visit to the oncologist I received a phone call from the producer I wrote to at NBC. She asked me if she called me at a bad time, to which I swiftly replied, “No! You couldn’t have called at a better time.” And then she asked me to come on the show.

That one appearance turned into dozens and I quickly became a regular home design contributor on Miami’s NBC affiliate, WTVJ. As the world of design television expanded, I found myself in high demand as an on-air personality known for sharing my design, style and sense of humor with viewers. People liked me and I was good on camera, which led to becoming a spokesperson on HSN and appearing on almost every channel since then from MSNBC to DIY Network.

In 2007 my new husband and baby moved back to New York. In between my second baby and a new home in 2008, I parlayed that success to lead my next company, Cachet Enterprises, in exciting directions with high profile celebrity design projects, a handful of product licensing agreements and spokesperson contracts with major corporations.
I have been featured in:
Better Homes
Vogue Italia
US Weekly
The Wall Street Journal
The Miami Herald
The LA Times
Elle Decor
First Magazine
Home Textiles Today
Home Accents Today
Rachel Zoe Report
She Knows
And too many more to count..

My media presence has led to many other opportunities. I am frequently published on Huffington Post and Betty Confidential as a style contributor and was the NY Style Correspondent for Hello Magazine in Pakistan/India. I have designed several product lines across numerous platforms that sell in high end boutiques and websites such as One Kings Lane, Gilt and Joss & Main to Sears, Walmart and Costco. I am also a vintage and antiques dealer with a focus on 19th century furniture, French porcelain and modern art. I travel to Europe a few times a year seeking out these treasures for the American market.

My husband, Aaron and I live in New Jersey and Miami with our two young children named Brooke and Ford who are as kind and polite as they are beautiful. I love to travel, redecorating our homes every month, dogs, beaches, five star hotels, working out, luxury spas, designer bags, golf, tennis, electronics of any kind, true crime novels, hip hop, Vivaldi, anything gold, Latin American art, history and gourmet food. I love a good joke and can imitate almost any accent in three languages and pray that someday I can be “The Secret Millionaire”.

And every morning, before my feet hit the floor, I say thank you three times.
Once just doesn’t seem sufficient.

Thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome here.