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As Fashion Week events around the world come to close, editors and influencers have headed home, filing articles and booking photo shoots. While I do this too, I also spend a great deal of time thinking about how this will impact interior design and home trends. I was in Paris during some of the hottest shows this year and left with a lot of inspiration.

What does runway fashion have to do with our homes? 

A lot, actually.

Fashion has a major influence on interior design products in every sector of the market from luxury brands to Target. The style trends for Fall 2019 that are making waves on the runway, will trickle down to home decor everywhere from color choices and textures to style and form. 

Since fashions change seasonally, incorporating current trends into your home is a little trickier and some might argue, unrealistic. I disagree and think ideas widely considered unrealistic are usually the most fabulous.

But, how do you do it?

The answer is quite simple, actually. I follow the approach French women take towards fashion, having had it drilled into me since I was a child by my very French father, Marc. Following these guidelines, will leave you with a home that is stylish, but also elegant and timeless.


First, start with timeless classics.

French women always stick to classics as their base in fashion. They work trends in with small details. Doing this in the home creates an equally elegant look. Start with classic neutrals you can play with. A neutral sofa, paint color, etc. Unless you use $100 bills for firewood, stay away from trends for major renovations like kitchens and baths.

Example: Marble is classic, blue kitchen cabinets are trend










Full disclosure, I designed this kitchen in classic white and marble because I felt it was stylish, but timeless and that’s my personal preference for kitchen design. The blue kitchen, while striking, is more trendy and mightn’t be ideal for many homeowners. Unless you love (and I mean LOVE) blue. See where I’m going with this?

Photo Credit: Pinterest












The best piece of advice my father ever gave me was, this:

“When you buy quality it only hurts once. When you don’t, it hurts over and over again.” Case in point, think about something you bought at a budget big box store because you wanted something affordable. How’d that work out for you? Exactly. Buy the best you can afford and you’ll spend less in the long run while simultaneously looking much better.Example: Three cheap sofas vs one good one you’ll have for twenty years.











Some of the standout trends were suedes, patchwork, lace and highly saturated color. No doom and gloom vibes of last year, thank goodness.

I was invited to Patrick Pham’s show in Paris this January and he had lots of bold colors and patterns that would work into the home nicely in small doses, like these pillows. They also overlap with he patchwork trend, adding a modern spin.


Photo Credit:Patrick Pham













Another designer showing in Paris while I was there, Ziad Nakad creates luxurious, over the top gowns that were a vision to see. If you like this, then I say go bog or go home. Exhibit A, courtesy of Horchow.

Photo Credit: Ziad Nakad









Photo Credit: Horchow










Certain French and Italian luxury brands, however bold in their year to year designs, remain classics. Hermes is the perfect example. Here is the Super H Hermes scarf, which I upholstered an antique chair with. I may miss my scarf, but tI think hat chair is pretty fabulous. I used an Hermes, but you could use any print that suits your taste and budget. 








Courtney Cachet Custom Designed Hermes Chair


















So, remember. Start with neutral classics, add your fashion items in the details and always buy the best you can afford. Et voilå. 







10 Chic Ways To Use Books As Decor

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We’re always talking about how your home is your sanctuary, so why not make it a place that reflects your unique style? Using books as décor can be a fun, easy and creative way to personalize your home. Books—vintage or contemporary, oversized or small—add individuality and pizzazz to any room. Whether you want to add a pop of color, make a striking statement or create a theme, books speak volumes. (No pun intended)

“We encourage homeowners to ‘think beyond the bookcase’ when it comes to books,” said Justin Krewatch, founding partner of, an online portal and resource for designers and homeowners interested in vintage and modern book décor. “Books are a great way for homeowners to creatively express themselves through the colors, eras, topics and textures…and we’ve made that process incredibly easy and affordable.”


Here are a few tips on how you can use books to take your space to the next level in your home, office, or any cherished space you call your own:

1. Inspire early readers
Vintage children’s books add charm and style to a nursery. Choose traditional fairy tales or your favorite stories from when you were a child. From Nancy Drew to the Hardy Boys to Beatrix Potter, you can pass down your love of literature by surrounding your little one with books.

2. Clearly literary
Take advantage of a Lucite or glass-topped table to showcase books stored on top or underneath. It maximizes unused space and creates a visually striking tableau.

3. Chic page-turners
Weall know, chic is my jam..Books on style and beauty are a natural for a dressing table, boudoir or powder room. Select biographies of fashion icons, photo books of jewelry or gowns, or coordinate by color.

4. Let it grow
Pair your love of gardening or flowers with books that complement the décor of a sunroom or balcony.  Create a pedestal for a vase of fresh cut flowers with a stack of books with botanic prints or show off your sunflowers next to books on Van Gogh.

5. Add sophistication to a man-cave
A man’s room is a place to relax and enjoy himself, and what better way to relax than with a library of well curated books. Besides, man-caves can be so much more than oil cans and footballs..You can stock them with volumes about vintage automobiles, classic sports or history. The right books can enhance the masculine appeal of the man’s retreat and add elegance at the same time.

6.  Fuel the fire
Create a cozy library-like nook for a collection of books on top of a working fireplace or even within a non-working fireplace. Stacked vertically or horizontally, it’s a creative way to store books, adds a nice design element to the room, and best of all, all the books are easily accessible should you want to cuddle up to one on a stormy night.

7.  Table it
Stacked high next to your sofa, or atop your favorite suitcase or other prized possession, books can serve as an enticing focal point or double as a functional end table or place to display your favorite lamp or other objet d’art.

8.  Tell your color story
Just like paint to make an accent wall pop with color, books can have the same effect. Vibrantly hued books will stand out against a white or taupe wall, and a soothing palette of neutral books can do the same in a brightly colored space. You can even buy books “by the foot” in the exact color that complements your décor!

9.  The luxury of leather
Leather-bound books, with their gold-embossed spines and cloth bindings, are the epitome of old world elegance, and add an air of sophistication to any library, study or home office.

10. Coffee Table Books
Are you an art history buff? A gourmet baker? A world traveler? Assemble a group of books on subjects that hold a special place in your heart and make them the focal point of your coffee table. Not only do they look great as living room décor, but they can also be great icebreakers with your guests. I only like coffee table books if they lend some authenticity to who you are, so keep it true.

For an easy one-stop-shop, try where they have basically systematized the book as a decorative medium.  Books are carefully arranged by color, subject and style, giving homeowners a simple and gorgeous way to customize, enhance and create excitement in any space.

Give it a try and be sure to let us know how it works out!