How To Turn Your Garage Into A Chic Home Office..(seriously, you totally could)

Chic Garage Space

Chic Garage Space

If you ask me, most garages look like the opening shots of a Hoarders episode. They are the unspoken catch-alls for things we’re not quite ready to part with..tricycles, rusty tools and holiday decor way past their prime, right? Gross.
On the postive side, technological advances have allowed more poeple than ever the option of working from home.In fact, it’s become kind of fabulous and chic. Another trend we’ve been seeing are homeowners making better use of garage spaces..Perhaps you have an additional garage you dont need? Maybe you just prefer to park in your driveway? Either way, if any of these speak to you, here are some tips to help you get that space feeling like a workspace and no longer a parking spot/storage room.

(1) Get Creative: To allow your garage to a full office turnaround, look into changing your garage floors to something more appealing than your normal rusty and soiled garage floors. For instance, Global Garage Flooring and Design has a Solid system that is designed to provide a seamless solid color finish to any concrete surface and a Concrete Dye system that incorporates High quality Concrete dyes. Also, painting it in light colors or applying a quick coat paint on your garage’s door will create a professional look that is also cool.

(2) Create Open Space: Bottom line..clear the clutter!Nobody wantsto lookat Halloween decor while working in an office. Doing so ensures you won’t even feel like your office used to be a garage. Tis is kind of a big deal.

(3) Temperature: If you’re going to use your garage as your home office for a long time, you should wire your home to enable the temperature of your garage, and even your driveway, to perfectly match that of the rest of your home.Freezing and sweating does not make one feel fabulous in an office environment!

(4) Lighting: A dark or dim room of any kind can (and will)cause you to be counterproductive. Get the right lighting.

(5) Viewing is Everything – Incorporate great landscaping around your garage. It will allow for a desirable connection from the street to your office.

If I didn’t have a room already for my home office, I would totally do this. Would love to hear from anyone who has one, as well. XO, Courtney

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