Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and according to a recent Bing Survey  it turns out, over 50% of Americans prefer “Netflix & Chill” over going out. Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean it can’t be romantic and fabulous! Here are five chic and sexy tips to make your night at home extra special for your Valentine!
No Paper Plates Or Plastic Cups

Remember, it’s supposed to be special..But, who has time to cook all day? Grab some bites from Trader Joe’s, UberEats or your local pizzeria-but use real dishes. Toss the paper goods and use fancy glasses and cloth napkins. A bottle of bubbly can be picked up on almost every corner.  Presentation is everything.

Valentines Day At Home

Sweets, Please

Most of us like a little chocolate or a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day. This is key..A pint of Haagen-Dazs or a few cupcakes are enough to satisfy most of us. Single servings are great for all of us watching our figures, too!

On Valentine’s Day, flowers are a must. Think beyond red roses, any festive bunch of florals will work! Why not make it special by adding little vases around the house? A $3.00 bunch of baby’s breath makes the entire room smell beautiful. Affordable, easy and every deli in NY has what you need.
Decorate..Just A Little
Unless you’re a school teacher, it’s unlikely you’ll be decking out your space for Valentine’s Day. But adding a plush throw, some scented candles, an ice bucket. A little goes a long way..
Dim All The Lights, Sweet Darling
There’s a reason restaurants dim their lights. The best $25 you’ll ever spend in your home.
Wishing you all a love filled Valentine’s Day!

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