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Five Ways To Add Chic Tropical Style To Your Home

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve seen tropical themed everything..from Dolce & Gabbana to paper plates, it’s everywhere! The tropical trend is hotter than ever. I’ve been a fan of it for quite some time and don’t think of it as a trend, but rather a classic and very chic look in both home and fashion. When some people hear “tropical”, they immediately think of Jimmy Buffet and  piña coladas, which makes me cringe. But when done right, the tropical decor look can be luxurious, chic and very sophisticated.

So, how do you do it? The key is unless you are a professional, it’s best to stick with a “less is more” approach since it can be a pretty bold look. That said, one of the best ways to start is with lighting and accessories for the right balance with the rest of your home.

Just remember, It’s not about making your home feel like a luau. It’s about adding natural elements, rich color, texture and a laid back vibe that can work in several decor styles.

Here are some of my suggestions from Bellacor that I love:

Gold Leaf + White Lamp

Say hello to the your new favorite table lamp..It has a chinoiserie vibe, which is also somewhat tropical. So, you get two fabulous looks for one! Remember, you can always switch out the lampshades down the road and change up the look entirely. I have a pair of these in my Miami home. They came with navy blue shades and I used white instead in my very tropical bedroom.

Veraluz One Light Sconce


The Veraluz Banana Leaf One Light Sconce is subtle, sustainable and sophisticated. This sconce is perfection. The milky white hue is so elegant. A pair of these would look amazing in a bathroom, a hallway, a bedroom or even an office.

Banana Leaf Pillows

No tropical look is complete without a few of these iconic banana leaf pillows from Surya. You really can’t go wrong. You can pair them with a white chair or a black and white stripe and they look chic. I like the 20” x 20” for the drama.

Abaca Accent Table

Tropical decor is really all about natural elements and this piece is called the East at Main Merriam Brown Abaca Round Accent Table and adds that perfect island touch to an awkward corner or even as a side table. And at a little over $100 it’s a no-brainer buy!

Veraluz Banana Leaf Mini Pendant Light

This Veraluz Banana Leaf Mini Pendant is the perfect touch for an all white kitchen. It adds a freshness, color, just enough of that fabulous tropical vibe and you don’t have to water it. Score!

Whether you live in Miami or Montana, a tropical decor look can work for you. Get out of your comfort zone, have fun, take chances and be sure to share your experiences with us. I would love to see how you made this enticing and stylish look work for you!