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Want To Get Lucky? 7 Tips To Boost Your Luck In 2021


As 2020 comes to a close, there is a feeling of cautious optimism looms everywhere.

After the abyss of the Covid-19 pandemic, we desperately want to drink champagne, start new diets, set new goals, take bucket list vacations. Cue the #NewYearNewMe memes! We are over it. We. Are. Just. Fucking. Over. It. 2021, glad to see you!

But, we’re still kind of in This Thing so it feels weird and awkward. Let’s be honest, literally everything about 2020 has been weird and awkward. Zoom Happy Hours, washing our groceries, day drinking on Tuesdays, vaxxies..and I’m not even touching the rough stuff. Seriously, how much weirder can it get? 

But, my inspiring-kind-of-annoying optimism has not wavered. I believe we are all capable of turning things around in 2021. In fact, I am 100% certain of it. First, we have to shift our mindset, our focus and get back to the basics that work all the time for all of us. They are available to everyone and they’re free. So no excuses here, Darling.

In 2011, I wrote an article, “How To Be A Lucky Bitch In 2012” for The Huffington Post. Every year in the decade since then, its resonance with readers has been proven by the thousands of reposts around the world. This year, perhaps more than any preceding year, we could all use a refresher course on creating good luck. While the landscape may have shifted since then, the fundamental ideas remain the same. 

Luck is a funny thing. Those who have the good kind, believe they are lucky. Those who have “bad luck”, think they were born with bad luck. 

I believe I have extraordinary luck. I am reminded of this every day. I’m not a self-help guru that holds The Secret to All Good Things. I have experienced heartbreak, loss, overwhelming sadness, financial hardship and life-threatening illnesses I pray you never experience. And still, I look at my life as one overflowing with amazing luck. We all have the same story, it’s just how you choose to craft it. Nobody on earth is simply born “blessed”. When you change the way you view your own story, you change the direction of your life. Seems pretty easy, right? It is, you just need to identify the tools and practice them. So how do you do it? I’m not 100% sure, but here are some ways I’ve used to unleash lots of good luck in my life.

Understand What Luck Isn’t 

People often confuse fortune, chance and luck. Because of this, the thinking is that everything that happens is very random. Not true. Let me explain. Fortune are things outside of your control, it’s what happens to you. For example, I am fortunate to have healthy children. I’m fortunate to have long eyelashes. I am fortunate that I grew up in New York City. Chance is something you must do. You have to take a chance. It requires action, like asking a girl for her number, applying for a school, trying a new hairstyle. Luck is where you have much more control. You make your own luck by planning in advance. 

Learn To Be Lucky

Luck is not something that happens to you; it’s something that happens because of you.

You can actually create luck, which means that you can teach yourself to become luckier. If you’re lazy and unwilling to do the work, you will not get lucky. Instead of cynically muttering,  “Some guys have all the luck” or “She’s a lucky bitch” why not try and see what happens? I am a lifelong “tryer” and believe my willingness to learn new skills without fear of failure has helped bring me an abundance of good luck. The more you try things you think you can’t do and succeed, the more confidence you will have. Read that sentence again. This is key in becoming lucky.

Take Chances

There are opportunities at every corner, but you have to be ready to grasp them. While there may have been fewer opportunities in 2020, they were still there. The same opportunities are available for all of us, but the lucky ones prepare for them and consequently, have the confidence to pursue them. We like to think it’s about being in the right place at the right time-it’s not. It’s about being in the right state of mind that propels you to take a chance. More chances, more luck. It’s not easy, but it is very simple.

Find Something You’re Good At

The words, “follow your dreams” sometimes make me cringe. That might surprise you, but hear me out. Let’s say I want to be a famous singer but I’m tone deaf. I can “follow my dreams” from here to “America’s Got Talent”, but if I have no vocal talent, I am more likely be met with a truckload of disappointment and a life spent hustling to pay the rent as a waitress. Identify what you’re good at-or even kind of good at-and then actually do it. For example, I have always had an eye for style. I could put together chic outfits and decorate a room like a pro-even when I had no money. I liked it because I was good at it. I took a chance and started a business and learned everything about the industry. I just did it. When a TV producer called me to appear on a hit show, I was ready. Then came the money, followed by everyone saying  I was so lucky I picked up the phone and got asked to be on a national television show. I was passionate, took a chance, prepapared and then I got lucky. See what I mean?

Build A Lucky Network

Stay in contact with positive people and those you admire. In 2020, this was especially challenging-but not impossible. Be a good friend, but also be open to meeting new people. Now more than ever, there are several ways to connect with others outside of person to person contact. Lose negative people in your life quickly, but don’t pay any attention to them. Never pay any attention to them, it’s a waste of time and only brings you down. They’re already there, leave them there and wish them the best. Always wish them the best. 

Do Good Things

If you don’t believe in karma, then you most certainly don’t believe in luck because they go hand in hand. You have to do good things for other people in order for good to come to you. Donate your money, your time and your spirit. Give when there is little public glory in doing so. Be kind, grateful and humble. It sounds so sappy, but it’s so true. The more you give, the more life will reward you. You have to want good things for others. Anything contrary is a negative emotion that arouses negative results. There is enough room for everyone to be successful.

Ignore The Noise

The luckier you are, the better your life will be. The better your life gets, the more annoying this will be to some people. They cannot understand how you are so #blessed and they’re not. The people who get so focused on “How’d they do that?” are clouded in jealousy, so they never allow the good luck to come to them. They will try to copy you, they may even speak ill of you. This is irrelevant. Never let this bother you, shrug it off and pay no attention to it. There will always be naysayers, there will always be people who want to bring you down. Don’t go for the bait and just keep doing your thing. Try not to be nervous.

I wish you the best of luck in using these tips in your own life.

Happy New Year, World!



8 Ways To Make 2020 Your Luckiest Year Ever


Happy New Year!

I want 2020 to be your luckiest year yet.

So, luck is a funny thing. Those who have the good kind believe they are lucky. Those who believe they have “bad luck” perpetually think of themselves as unlucky. Nobody is lucky by accident. We all have the same story, it’s just how you choose to tell it to yourself. It’s not about controlling situations. Rather, it’s how you view them; finding the hidden opportunities, trusting your instincts and taking audacious action.

I believe I have extraordinary luck and I am reminded of this daily. I am not a guru with The Secret To Life that will unlock some Utopian existence where money and unicorns rain down on you. Not even close. I have experienced heartbreak, defeat, overwhelming sadness and life-threatening illnesses I pray you never experience. Yet still, I look at my life as one overflowing with good luck.

So how do you find good luck? I don’t know the exact answer, I just know that luck is the long game with a big payday. This is how I do it.

Forgive Yourself

So, I’m definitely coming out of the gate strong AF with this one. But, self forgiveness is paramount to clearing the path for good luck. We ALL have things from our past that evoke varying degrees of regret or shame and typically, we keep these thoughts to ourselves in that Secret Compartment in our minds. We think it’s easier to use these thoughts as some kind of shield from repairing the errors of our ways, while also serving as a form of self penance. But, nobody wins here. At many points in our lives, we all experience pain and holding on to it does nothing beneficial for you. Until you make the deliberate decision to forgive yourself, you are living in the past and focusing on something you feel negatively about. Simply put, negativity blocks luck. If you feel bad about something, your brain is acknowledging your actions were in conflict with your values and beliefs and you are already healing. Apologize when you’ve done something wrong, learn from it and then let that shit go. Ok, we got the tough stuff is out of the way. Let’s move on.

Be Courageous

“Lucky Breaks” always come from courageous actions. People often mistake courage for fearlessness. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is being afraid and doing it anyway. You’re laying your fear and vulnerability out there on the line and taking a leap of faith. But as Steve Harvey says, “Jump and the parachute will open”. I believe this with all my heart. My biggest successes have come when I was scared shitless, took a deep breath and said, “Screw it. What do I have to lose?”. Nothing worthwhile has ever happened in the absence of courage. Also, continually doing things you think you cannot do builds confidence.

Do Stuff

You will not get lucky sitting home watching TV or staring at your phone all the time. You need to get out, go to professional events, social gatherings and actually talk to people. Stay active physically, take a class or attend a lecture about something you’re interested in. Be friendly, warm and genuine. Try different things, don’t always do the same thing.

Be Kind

If you don’t believe in karma, then you most certainly don’t believe in luck because they go hand in hand. You have to do good things for other people in order for good to come to you. You have to donate your money, your time and your spirit. You have to give when there is little public glory in doing so. You have to be nice, grateful and humble. It sounds like a sappy cliche, but it is so true. The more you give, the more life will reward you. You have to wish good things for others, give compliments. Try and make at least one person feel good everyday. Don’t worry, there is enough room for everyone. Throwing shade does not make your light shine brighter, Darling. Au contraire.

The 70% Ready Rule

Don’t wait to do something until you’re 100% ready. I’ve got news for you, you will never be 100% ready. When you think you’re kinda-sorta-almost ready, you’re ready. There are opportunities at every corner, but you have to be ready to grasp them even when you think you’re not quite there yet. You can figure it out later.  The same opportunities are available for all of us, but lucky people identify them quickly and pursue them. People love to say, “You were in the right place at the right time”. That’s false. It’s all about being in the right state of mind. You’re ready, I promise.

Embrace Failure

When I worked on Wall Street, I was taught that I would have to pitch 10-15 potential clients in order to get one to sign with the firm. This was one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my life. Why? It trained my brain that every “no” was actually a wonderful thing because the “yes” was that much closer. You will fail. I have failed a hundred different ways. But, I am keenly aware it’s part of the process, which makes it ok instead of a soul crushing event. When you understand this you will keep going until you succeed. It’s the law of averages, that’s it. Keep failing, just don’t quit. Nobody ever emembers your failures, only your wins, aka your “lucky breaks”.

its Not Too Late

Luck is something that is perpetual and abundant. No matter how old you are, trying something new can be a fabulously rewarding experience. This goes back to courage and readiness. Get away from thinking you can’t do something because you “missed the boat”. The fact that you’re still thinking about it is proof that your dream is still possible.

Lose Negative People From Your Life

The luckier you are, the better your life becomes. This often underscores other people’s dark areas. They become so focused on “How’d they do that?” and clouded in jealousy, they never allow the good luck to flow to them. Do not give this any thought, shrug it off and ignore. There will always be naysayers, there will always be people who try and bring you down. Don’t take the bait and just keep doing your thing. Try not to be nervous.

I hope this year is your luckiest year yet. Happy New Year!



Courtney Cachet






How To Throw A Football Party For The Girls

Football isn’t just for the guys. We ladies like to get into the action, too. This season, why not plan a girls-only football party? Beer and greasy food aren’t your thing? No problem, we can get in the spirit in a way that fits our own style.

So, what’s the difference between a football party for the boys and one for the girls? Well, a little ambiance, of course. Here are my easy and fun tips for foods, drinks and decorations that’ll give your game day a bit of a girly twist. Because, really. 


Your girlfriends are going to expect something a little fancier than nachos made with microwave cheese or Papa John’s delivery. You can transform the usual manly eats-aka carb loader diet killers- into delicious (and daintier) finger foods. Stir up some turkey chili served in shot glasses, mini tacos, low-fat dips, turkey meatballs and crudite. Dare I say, even a salad?

Have fun with it, too. Try a seasonal pumpkin turkey chili, mini English muffin pizzas or just ask your friends to bring appetizer-sized versions of their favorite game day munchies. Can somebody say, Trader Joe’s?

I love a football-themed dessert. You can try these super cute nut football helmets. If you prefer to stick with what you know, you can just use football-themed toothpicks, straws and napkins. My friend, Tara is the Baking Queen. In my house, we know the food is ready when the smoke alarm goes off or flames start shooting out of the oven-whichever comes first. If your baking skills, like mine, aren’t quite ready for Pinterest, fret not. Supermarket bakeries will always have cute football cakes for you to choose from rather than having to bake your own. Know your strengths, I say.


For most people, it’s not a watch party without alcohol. I kind of agree, truth be told. But that doesn’t mean you have to serve the same swill as the boys. Opt for a selection of great fall beers, wines (or even bubbly!) and have a tasting during halftime. I also like rimming glasses with colored sugars and flavors that coordinate with the theme. Now, that’s my kind of Fantasy Football!

You can also skip the beer altogether and serve a single signature cocktail. You can “serve [the drink] two ways in the colors of the teams playing, it’s easier than having to create a number of different cocktails and buying the ingredients for each libation. I’m a big fan of the Signature Drink route. Plus, nobody wants to play bartender all day and too many choices can be too much work. Keep it simple.

Champagne Tasting??


When it comes to parties, what separates the women from the boys is often just a bit of attention to the little things. And perhaps, their ability to eat forty-seven wings in the span of an hour without gaining any weight and/or projectile vomiting.

You can ine your table with AstroTurf, draw yard lines with fake snow from a can or chalk-you can pick it up at Home Depot super cheap- and add small to midsized floral arrangements in sports themes, like this one from

Football Flowers


Use black and white striped napkins to match the refs’ uniforms.

Pin name cards to small Nerf footballs for each guest.

For fun photos after cocktail hour, hang a yellow banner behind your table and have a Football for Dummies on display (could come in handy for those rule debates!). Also get some megaphones and a set of pom-poms for props. Cute, right?

Women CAN rock a football party!

Who’s your team?? #godolphins!



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I moved to Miami in the spring of 1992. The first hurricane I ever experienced was Hurricane Andrew, just a few months after we arrived from New York. I was a young girl in a new city who knew nothing about hurricanes and thought everyone was just a little bit loco running around buying up everything in sight at the local Publix Supermarket. Water, batteries, gas, dry goods, you name it.

And then the storm came.

It is a day I will never forget, nor  the months that followed. I have never forgotten the fear, either. By the grace of God or some other powerful force, I was spared the atrocities that affected so many others. But I learned a lot.

Mostly, I learned that you should never mess with a hurricane, you should never underestimate its wrath.

The hurricane will win.

Here are simple, easy tips I learned in my 15 years in Miami. They can help you stay safe and then help you bear the inevitable inconveniences that a hurricane brings to the table.

Listen To The Warnings!
If you are told to evacuate, heed the warnings. This is non-negotiable. If we learned anything from Katrina, certainly this would be it.

Have a Hurricane Kit (and no, it’s not too late)
Cash, batteries, flashlights, battery operated radio/television, bottled water, toilet paper, non-perishable foods such as cereal or crackers, canned goods, a can opener, a small cooler, candles and diapers, baby wipes, formula, baby food if you have small children. If you take prescription medicine, make sure you have extra on hand. This is especially important for people who are elderly or have medical issues that require a little extra care. It could be a few days before you can get to a store.

Freeze Up
Put your refrigerator at the coldest setting. Fill your bathtub with ice. Set your air conditioner really cold, too. This way, if you lose power it takes much longer to defrost and ruin everything in there! Make sure you buy a lot of food. It’s always better to have more than you need. Cans of tuna, bread, snacks and other non-perishable items.

Charge Up
Fully charge ALL of your electronic devices and then fill up your car with gas. You can always charge devices in your car.

Secure Important Paperwork
Place all your important papers in a secured plastic bag, box or even better, a small safe. Identification is difficult and time consuming to replace so be sure to include social security cards, birth certificates, titles or deeds to property, as well as your hurricane insurance policy, should you have one. Special family photos like wedding albums, baby pictures should also be considered.

Go To Home Depot
Plywood is a coveted commodity for those of who decide to stay. Boarding up windows that will take the brunt of the wind and rain is a wise decision. If board is not available, protect your windows from the wind by criss-crossing them with layers of duct or packing tape. This will be enough protection for light-to-medium winds. If you need plywood, go to your local Home Improvement store asap. Trust me.

Don’t forget your pets! I have had two dogs throughout every major hurricane in the past 15 years. They get scared, just like we do. Keep this in mind and give them some extra TLC. Dogs are especially intuitive to weather conditions and might get more freaked out then you. They also get hot. Ice, water and extra treats and cuddles are a must.

Prepare For Loss of Power
Assume the power will be lost. It might not happen, but assuming you will lose power will prepare you much better. You will be hot, sticky and pissed off. Water, a bathtub of ice, lots of beer, wine and/or hard liquor usually helps. If you have kids, you’re kind of screwed. They get really bored really fast. Board games, books, and a fully charged iPad with tons of movies are your new BFFs.

Stay Inside!
Don’t go outside. It is hands down the dumbest thing you can do. I cannot stress to you how many stories I’ve heard through the years of people getting struck by a tree, a down wire, flying debris. Stay inside, stay inside, stay inside! When you go outside after the storm, assume ALL WIRES ARE LIVE WIRES! Thousands of people have been electrocuted after major storms by touching live wires. When walking your dog, make sure you have them on a tight leash and monitor where they go.

Be A Good Neighbor
After the storm, check on your neighbors. Sometimes, a pack of D batteries is all it takes to make someone else’s day.

Good luck and stay safe.

Five Frivolous Luxuries I’m Loving For Spring..Cha-Chingggg

Spring. Hope, color, renewal and oh yeah, new stuff! Here’s what I’m loving this week for Spring. Frivolous, expensive and undeniably fabulous. And, so what? Don’t you deserve a pink flume pillow, a fringe outdoor umbrella, a Fornasetti candle, a Baccarat butterfly and the most perfect yellow luxury throw. Click on the photo for where to buy.

How Not To End Up Like Jack Pearson On “This Is Us”: Essential Fire Safety Tips

Courtney Cachet Crock-Pot

If you’re still reeling from last week’s episode of NBC’s, “This Is Us”, you are not alone. Although we may have forgotten how we looked whilst ugly crying ad nauseam, we should not forget the much bigger lesson learned. No, it’s definitely not trash your beloved Crock-Pot. Rather, the importance of having a working smoke detector (or several) in our homes.


Jack and Rebecca might be fictional characters, but the horror of residential fires is very, very real. About 3,000 people are killed each year in HOME fires. You can cut the risk in half if you have working smoke alarms, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Be sure to have the right type of alarm. According to the FDNY website, Alarms must be approved by Underwriters Laboratories (look for a UL mark) and have an audible end-of-life warning. All new and replacement smoke alarms should have a sealed 10-year battery that is non-replaceable and non-removable.

No doubt, some are better than others. First, you need to understand there are TWO types of fires: Smoky, smoldering fires and fast fires with flames.

Smoky fires are best detected by alarms with photoelectric sensors.

Fast fires with flames work best with alarms with ionization sensors.

Yeah, I know. Who knew? It is important to note that The International Association of Firefighters recommend the use of photoelectric smoke alarms.

Consumer Reports says you’re safest with a dual-sensor alarm that quickly detects both types of fire, such as the top-rated Kidde PI2010 and the First Alert 3120B. They both cost around $30.

An updated model of The Nest Protect – a combo smoke and carbon monoxide alarm was tested by Consumer Reports in 2015 and was found to be still slower to respond than other smoke alarms to flash-flame fires. Interesting.

The consensus is to buy BOTH a dual-sensor smoke alarm and a separate carbon monoxide alarm. This model by First Alert is also reco’d by Consumer Reports.

Think about that for a minute. Thirty dollars can save you and your family from disaster. Seems like a no brainer, right? Think again. Roughly two thirds of American homes DO NOT have a carbon monoxide detector. A CO detector is an absolute must must if you have any of the following:

Any fuel-burning appliances like a furnace, water heater, range, cooktop, grill. But make no mistake, even a home that is “all electric” benefit from a couple of CO alarms because you probably have a generator.

Some important things to remember:

It’a NOT your Crock-Pot

Full disclosure, I was a spokesperson for Crock-Pot in 2014. I am no longer a spokesperson, but still a huge fan and was very upset they got a bad rap because of a fictional show. And bravo to them for handling it so well, like in this video with Milo Ventimiglia. Bottom line, it wasn’t the Crock-Pot that killed Jack. Let’s keep our eye on the ball, Super Fans.


“But It Goes Off When I’m Cooking And It’s So Annoying..”

Ah, yes. I am guilty of this, too. This is especially true for anyone who lives in an apartment. A good friend of mine is a NYC firefighter and gave me a great piece of advice once. He explained that he lived in a small NY apartment and every time he cooked he had to disconnect the smoke detector. So he wouldn’t forget to reconnect it after dinner, he always placed it on top of his pillow. This way he knew he would never go to sleep without it. I thought this was a very good tip. Thanks, Richie Gleason!

Have A Plan

It’s also a good idea to have a family plan. In our house, I have told my two children since they could speak in the event of a fire where they were unable to get out of their room they should jump out the window and run. I showed them how to cover their head and crouch down and everything. You can buy ladders that attach to window sills, but when every second counts I still think it’s better to jump if your planned exit is compromised. We live in a two story home where the jump is far less likely to injure them as greatly as a fire might. Not exactly a warm and fuzzy topic, but the thought of myself or someone I love dying in a fire is enough to induce a full on panic attack for me, at least.

Ask A Fireman’s Advice

I have found that most fire stations are filled with really nice firefighters who are always willing to speak to you. Walk in your local station and just ask questions you have. Bring your kids, listen and learn. If you have an hour to watch TV, you have an hour to do that.

Top Seven Fire Safety Tips

I got these directly from the NYFD Website, a great source of information and a plethora of downloadable tip sheets. Here’s what they say:

  1. Don’t smoke in bed, lying down, when drunk, drowsy, etc and extinguish butts completely  (I can’t believe we still have to remind people of this, but we do)
  2. Don’t use extension cords with large appliances
  3. Don’t leave food cooking unattended
  4. smoke alarms on every floor and in bedrooms for extra safety
  5. Plan, practice an escape plan. Close the door, GET OUT. You have three minutes.
  6. Keep matches and lighters away from children
  7. Don’t  leave the house or go to bed with candles burning

This weekend, why not take a few minutes and check all your smoke/CO alarms and see if they are in working order, need to be replaced or if you need additional units? There is nothing more valuable than keeping you and your family safe.

Remember, Crock-Pots don’t kill people. Homes without smoke alarms kill people. Stay safe and take care.

I think we should make it a national goal that every single home in America is outfitted with the necessary smoke alarms, don’t you?

Lots of Love + Cheers to the weekend!



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and according to a recent Bing Survey  it turns out, over 50% of Americans prefer “Netflix & Chill” over going out. Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean it can’t be romantic and fabulous! Here are five chic and sexy tips to make your night at home extra special for your Valentine!
No Paper Plates Or Plastic Cups

Remember, it’s supposed to be special..But, who has time to cook all day? Grab some bites from Trader Joe’s, UberEats or your local pizzeria-but use real dishes. Toss the paper goods and use fancy glasses and cloth napkins. A bottle of bubbly can be picked up on almost every corner.  Presentation is everything.

Valentines Day At Home

Sweets, Please

Most of us like a little chocolate or a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day. This is key..A pint of Haagen-Dazs or a few cupcakes are enough to satisfy most of us. Single servings are great for all of us watching our figures, too!

On Valentine’s Day, flowers are a must. Think beyond red roses, any festive bunch of florals will work! Why not make it special by adding little vases around the house? A $3.00 bunch of baby’s breath makes the entire room smell beautiful. Affordable, easy and every deli in NY has what you need.
Decorate..Just A Little
Unless you’re a school teacher, it’s unlikely you’ll be decking out your space for Valentine’s Day. But adding a plush throw, some scented candles, an ice bucket. A little goes a long way..
Dim All The Lights, Sweet Darling
There’s a reason restaurants dim their lights. The best $25 you’ll ever spend in your home.
Wishing you all a love filled Valentine’s Day!

How To Be Fabulous In 2018

Most people, whether consciously or not, desire to be fabulous.

While fabulousness can mean one hundred different things, the universal misconception is that it is centered around one’s looks, social demographics or wardrobe. Sorry to disappoint, but you can buy all the Louboutins and Birkins your credit limit will allow and never, ever be fabulous.

Being fabulous is an intangible quality that exudes all others. This is not about redecorating your living room or what to serve at your next party, this is about being a fabulous person from within. So, instead of making some flimsy New Year’s resolution that has about a 10% chance of success, why not focus on just being a better person and if you have what it takes, become a fabulous person. So, how do you do it? Dig deep, for starters.

Love Yourself 

All fabulous people love themselves. It is only when you learn to love yourself, that you can begin to change the world around you. No one is going to think you’re fabulous if you don’t think you’re fabulous. Start by paying more attention to self-critical thoughts and focus on your qualities. Know that you have infinite greatness within. You cannot take care of your family if you don’t take care of yourself first. Hang around likeminded people and steer clear of jealous, gossipy, phony people. They most certainly do not love themselves and that energy is like a boomerang.

Have Compassion

Having compassion for others means you are kind, thoughtful and probably an overall nice person. Doing something for others when it is self serving means you’re an asshole, not compassionate. Sadly, kindness and compassion are not teachable. Showing kindness to someone who can do nothing for you is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Give when there is no public glory. Sometimes, all it takes is a smile to change the direction of the day.

Keep It Real

Fabulous people don’t pretend much. Honesty and sincerity should be used often but with a light touch. Telling your friend she’s fat and dropping your kids at school in pajama pants and a horrific bun are not “keeping it real”. Being honest about your narrative is. See the difference? Bad manners are the antitheses of fabulousness.

Take Risks

If you really want to live a fabulous life,  you’re going to have to take some risks. The greatest things in life always happen when the outcome could fail. You have to try new things, meet new people and get comfortable with discomfort. Have faith in your risks. Prepare yourself that most people will not support your risks. Do it anyway.

Harness Your Fears

Fear is the biggest obstacle to achieving everything you desire-hello, that is fabulous! There is no such thing as someone who is “fearless”. Rather, those who appear fearless (and fabulous) have mastered the skill of harnessing their fears and breaking through them. This takes time, but will change your life immeasurably.

Don’t Hide Your Magic

Everyone has something interesting about them. But if you never socialize, nobody will lever know how fabulous you might be. You have to talk to people, listen to people and not look over their shoulder while they speak. Those people are awful and should be eliminated from your orbit. Engage people, even strangers. They have magic, too.

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

All the traits that make a person fabulous are confidence based. Contrary to common belief, we are not born confident. Rather, it is a quality that is acquired through developing your mind, body and soul. If you are not confident, ask yourself why and improve that part of your life. It’s not easy, but it is very simple. Stay informed, healthy and grateful. Cockiness and arrogance are not examples of confidence, know thew difference.

Be Spontaneous 

Someone who can never vary from their rigid schedule will never be fabulous. Uptight people, time to lighten up! Some of life’s best moments are when you do something unexpected. Take a last minute trip, skip the gym for an impromptu shopping session, go out for a drink on a Tuesday night. Just chill, for God’s sake. The ever-increasing world of Scheduled Lives is so not fabulous.

Have Some Substance

Well dressed, beautiful people are boring AF unless there is something of substance under all that Chanel. Hobbies don’t really make you fabulous, neither do your abs-even if they are fabulous. Helping others, having a passion, an interesting skill and being a part of a cause are examples of substance. If you don’t have any, find something that drives you and start there.

Live Enthusiastically

Is there any other way? Seriously, if you’re not living enthusiastically what the hell are you doing with your life? If you’re NOT excited about your life then you are not living your dream. Understand that you were meant to live a great life, you deserve to live a great life. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Like most matters of the heart, you’ll know what it is when you find it. Keep searching.

Now go have a fabulous 2018.



Cachet du Jour (Seven Glamourous Finds)

Cachet du Jour. You only live once, you might as well live well.




5 Piece Mirage Flatware Place Setting $140

Natori Sophia Floral Print Robe $126

Lalique Cabochon Ring $160

L’Objet Elephant Noir Candle $135

Givenchy Cotton Piqué Polo Dress $680

Miu Miu Eau de Parfum $94

Marc Fisher Zack Pumps $169.95


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