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On Location With NBC and Open House NJ!

As I write this, I should be getting ready for my shoot today with George, Matt and the whole LXTV gang in Denville, NJ. We are helping George rescue a NJ family whose basement was ruined in Hurricane Irene. Matt did the reno, I stepped in for a little deco magic and it’s coming out really nice! I can’t wait for you to see what was done there. Simple, warm and elegant. If you likeĀ the furnishings, I’ll be listing a full “Where To Buy” list after it airs. Just a heads up, it’s all from the ever fabulous website, http://www.hayneedle.comĀ 

Tons of stylish and affordable things for inside and outside your casita. Here’s a pic from yesterday..Matt’s still mad at me he ended up on the cutting room floor at the VH1 shoot. Can you show him a little love? I need to get off the Wendorff Crapper List pronto. J

Also, I’m kinda digging George’s new look. Typically, I don’t like the whole facial hair thing as it’s a tad too Nascar-ish, but he wears it well, doesn’t he? More Columbia English Lit professor than Schlitz drinking racefan, don’t you think?

Design Team: OHNY

Design Team: OHNY



Celebrity Baby Fabulosity in Soho

Courtney on location at Giggle in Soho

I was asked by for my tips on creating a fabulous baby nursery suitable for the Technolicious Mommy set for their popular Celebrity Baby blog. That said, we headed downtown to one of my favorite upscale baby stores, Giggle. Love! My friend Lori of Lorico Photography did the honors and the visual back drops couldn’t have been more perfect. Also, since I am decorating LXTV’s Sara Gore’s nursery uptown next month, I got some great ideas.

I forgot to mention that all of the tri-state area seems to still be recovering at a snail’s pace from last week’s storm..what does that mean to me? It means my 3 and 5 years olds have not had school all week. Every nanny and babysitter is either in the dark or bookd solid through Thanksgiving. So they came along, too! But, my kids have been carted along to TV stations, photo shoots and press events since they were born. This is no big deal. I got the perfect photos and then we hit Balthazar for some Chocolat Chaud..everyone’s happy. Here’s one of the pics! More soon. I will be writing the piece on my way to Florence, Italy this weekend. I cannot wait.

XO Courtney


Welcome to the New And Oh So Improved Courtney Cachet Website!

After a long time with a website that seemed very out ( like very!) of touch with what Courtney Cachet Inc. has become, it was time for a change. With the help of some very talented and um, patient web developers, we created someplace that I feel really reflects who I am both as a person and a brand.

I feel like I’ve been living in a hotel the past few years..sometimes it’s Facebook or Twitter or various other “homes” where I have a place, but not really my own.

Well, that’s all changed now. There are so many exciting things happening, I can’t wait to share them with you. More news, more TV, great ideas and product development.

I am excited and flattered you are here to join me on this incredible journey.

Thank you and see you soon!

XO Courtney


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