On Location With NBC and Open House NY..in NJ!

As I write this, I should be getting ready for my shoot today with George, Matt and the whole LXTV gang in Denville, NJ. We are helping George rescue a NJ family whose basement was ruined in Hurricane Irene. Matt did the reno, I stepped in for a little deco magic and it’s coming out really nice! I can’t wait for you to see what was done there. Simple, warm and elegant. If you like the furnishings, I’ll be listing a full “Where To Buy” list after it airs. Just a heads up, it’s all from the ever fabulous website, http://www.hayneedle.com 

Tons of stylish and affordable things for inside and outside your casita. Here’s a pic from yesterday..Matt’s still mad at me he ended up on the cutting room floor at the VH1 shoot. Can you show him a little love? I need to get off the Wendorff Crapper List pronto. J

Also, I’m kinda digging George’s new look. Typically, I don’t like the whole facial hair thing as it’s a tad too Nascar-ish, but he wears it well, doesn’t he? More Columbia English Lit professor than Schlitz drinking racefan, don’t you think?

Design Team: OHNY

Design Team: OHNY



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