5 Gifts For Mom With The Brother PE 500 Embroidery Machine!

 I am so excited to get the word out about the newest product launch from Brother™–the PE500.  It’s the first-ever embroidery-only machine from Brother! Everyone knows how much I like to personalize by embellishing my pillows, bedding and clothes.  Well, now I’ll show you a few ways you can, too and make it a perfect-and fabulously personalized Mother’s Day!

As a designer with a passion for detail, this is an amazing product. As someone who gets frustrated by anything that seems too complicated, it’s a dream come true! In the next several days, I’ll be showing you a ton of different things you can do with the PE500. If you’re not a crafty girl, don’t fret!  The machine is easy, fun and not to mention, totally affordable–it’s the lowest-priced Brother™ embroidery machine ever!

Stay tuned as we get ready to embroider, embellish and adorn!

Embroidered Yellow Placemat

And you could’ve made these fabu placemats, if you had a little more talent than Yours Truly! The key here (no pun intended) is the square shape of the placemat, making it more chic.

Embroidered Pendant

Typically, this wouldn’t be my look..a little too Laura Ingalls On Little House On The Prairie-ish. But it has a cute, vintage quality to it. The idea of it is very cute. Moms swoon over stuff like this if given to them..oh yeah, this one is pretty easy to do, also!

Every Mom-or pretty much everyone-would love a guest towel that doesn’t get all stained up from last night’s mascara..I’ve showed you these before and remarked on the Smarty Pants who thought this up at The Ace Hotel. So easy to do..great little gift for Mother’s Day or a housewarming present! I love these.

Embroidered Pillow Cover

This is very pretty and not that hard to do..I love the soft blue juxtaposed on the burlapesque vibe of the cover. That style of monogram is trés passé, mes amis! It’s not “preppy” it’s just kinda played out and predictable. This font is so ten years ago. But we love personalization here at Cachet Inc. so we’ll let it slide!

Embroidered Linen Napkin

I love linen napkins and think everyone should use them regularly, not just when you break out the good china! These are lovely and a set of these as a gift is elegant and sweet.  You work off a computerized design, so don’t worry if you think you have to freehand this! I think this might actually be something I’m trying..I’ll let you know how it goes!

Happy Mother’s Day!



If you want to buy the Bother PE 500, it’s available at Walmart!

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