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As Fashion Week events around the world come to close, editors and influencers have headed home, filing articles and booking photo shoots. While I do this too, I also spend a great deal of time thinking about how this will impact interior design and home trends. I was in Paris during some of the hottest shows this year and left with a lot of inspiration.

What does runway fashion have to do with our homes? 

A lot, actually.

Fashion has a major influence on interior design products in every sector of the market from luxury brands to Target. The style trends for Fall 2019 that are making waves on the runway, will trickle down to home decor everywhere from color choices and textures to style and form. 

Since fashions change seasonally, incorporating current trends into your home is a little trickier and some might argue, unrealistic. I disagree and think ideas widely considered unrealistic are usually the most fabulous.

But, how do you do it?

The answer is quite simple, actually. I follow the approach French women take towards fashion, having had it drilled into me since I was a child by my very French father, Marc. Following these guidelines, will leave you with a home that is stylish, but also elegant and timeless.


First, start with timeless classics.

French women always stick to classics as their base in fashion. They work trends in with small details. Doing this in the home creates an equally elegant look. Start with classic neutrals you can play with. A neutral sofa, paint color, etc. Unless you use $100 bills for firewood, stay away from trends for major renovations like kitchens and baths.

Example: Marble is classic, blue kitchen cabinets are trend










Full disclosure, I designed this kitchen in classic white and marble because I felt it was stylish, but timeless and that’s my personal preference for kitchen design. The blue kitchen, while striking, is more trendy and mightn’t be ideal for many homeowners. Unless you love (and I mean LOVE) blue. See where I’m going with this?

Photo Credit: Pinterest












The best piece of advice my father ever gave me was, this:

“When you buy quality it only hurts once. When you don’t, it hurts over and over again.” Case in point, think about something you bought at a budget big box store because you wanted something affordable. How’d that work out for you? Exactly. Buy the best you can afford and you’ll spend less in the long run while simultaneously looking much better.Example: Three cheap sofas vs one good one you’ll have for twenty years.











Some of the standout trends were suedes, patchwork, lace and highly saturated color. No doom and gloom vibes of last year, thank goodness.

I was invited to Patrick Pham’s show in Paris this January and he had lots of bold colors and patterns that would work into the home nicely in small doses, like these pillows. They also overlap with he patchwork trend, adding a modern spin.


Photo Credit:Patrick Pham













Another designer showing in Paris while I was there, Ziad Nakad creates luxurious, over the top gowns that were a vision to see. If you like this, then I say go bog or go home. Exhibit A, courtesy of Horchow.

Photo Credit: Ziad Nakad









Photo Credit: Horchow










Certain French and Italian luxury brands, however bold in their year to year designs, remain classics. Hermes is the perfect example. Here is the Super H Hermes scarf, which I upholstered an antique chair with. I may miss my scarf, but tI think hat chair is pretty fabulous. I used an Hermes, but you could use any print that suits your taste and budget. 








Courtney Cachet Custom Designed Hermes Chair


















So, remember. Start with neutral classics, add your fashion items in the details and always buy the best you can afford. Et voilå. 







Fork It Over: Karl Lagerfeld + Christofle Cutlery Collab Launches In Paris Next Week

Karl Lagerfeld for Christofle

Karl Lagerfeld can now make an appearance at your dining room table. Sort of.

The iconic designer has teamed up with French brand, Christofle on a limited edition cutlery set as a part of their Mood collection. In a not-often-seen departure from their Traditional European Luxury vibe, the capsule pays (a slightly edgier) homage to architecture and Art Deco,  with details throughout. Each 24 piece set is housed in either a shiny steel or black lacquer finished egg, numbered and bearing the engraved signature of Karl Lagerfeld. Taking it even further, each piece is stamped with his logo, in case you forgot.

It’s hard to overlook the irony of a logo stamped cutlery collection, given his widely known aversion to women who like to eat and fashion “vulgarity”. Um, remember those comments he made about Adele? *Cringing*  I know, I digress.

From a design perspective, the look seems fitting, given Lagerfeld’s love of Art Deco furniture, cultivated by longtime friend and legendary French designer, Andrée Putman. The streamlined aesthetic is in everything he does from clothing to accessories and now forks and knives. Priced at a cool 2490 Euros, The buyers will likely be a garden variety of Chinese logo lovers, Saudis who can burn $100 bills for firewood and collectors.

Available for preorder on The collection launches exclusively at the Christofle store on Rue Saint-Honoré and the Saint-Germain KL boutique on September 25th, followed by the worldwide launch October 1.

I don’t think of this as a “Must Have” Luxury. At all. But, I do love design and  “off-brand” collaborations. It will be interesting to see how this performs.

What do you think?

“Mais Oui!” or “Fork you, Karl?”  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Gros Bisous,



How Not To End Up Like Jack Pearson On “This Is Us”: Essential Fire Safety Tips

Courtney Cachet Crock-Pot

If you’re still reeling from last week’s episode of NBC’s, “This Is Us”, you are not alone. Although we may have forgotten how we looked whilst ugly crying ad nauseam, we should not forget the much bigger lesson learned. No, it’s definitely not trash your beloved Crock-Pot. Rather, the importance of having a working smoke detector (or several) in our homes.


Jack and Rebecca might be fictional characters, but the horror of residential fires is very, very real. About 3,000 people are killed each year in HOME fires. You can cut the risk in half if you have working smoke alarms, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Be sure to have the right type of alarm. According to the FDNY website, Alarms must be approved by Underwriters Laboratories (look for a UL mark) and have an audible end-of-life warning. All new and replacement smoke alarms should have a sealed 10-year battery that is non-replaceable and non-removable.

No doubt, some are better than others. First, you need to understand there are TWO types of fires: Smoky, smoldering fires and fast fires with flames.

Smoky fires are best detected by alarms with photoelectric sensors.

Fast fires with flames work best with alarms with ionization sensors.

Yeah, I know. Who knew? It is important to note that The International Association of Firefighters recommend the use of photoelectric smoke alarms.

Consumer Reports says you’re safest with a dual-sensor alarm that quickly detects both types of fire, such as the top-rated Kidde PI2010 and the First Alert 3120B. They both cost around $30.

An updated model of The Nest Protect – a combo smoke and carbon monoxide alarm was tested by Consumer Reports in 2015 and was found to be still slower to respond than other smoke alarms to flash-flame fires. Interesting.

The consensus is to buy BOTH a dual-sensor smoke alarm and a separate carbon monoxide alarm. This model by First Alert is also reco’d by Consumer Reports.

Think about that for a minute. Thirty dollars can save you and your family from disaster. Seems like a no brainer, right? Think again. Roughly two thirds of American homes DO NOT have a carbon monoxide detector. A CO detector is an absolute must must if you have any of the following:

Any fuel-burning appliances like a furnace, water heater, range, cooktop, grill. But make no mistake, even a home that is “all electric” benefit from a couple of CO alarms because you probably have a generator.

Some important things to remember:

It’a NOT your Crock-Pot

Full disclosure, I was a spokesperson for Crock-Pot in 2014. I am no longer a spokesperson, but still a huge fan and was very upset they got a bad rap because of a fictional show. And bravo to them for handling it so well, like in this video with Milo Ventimiglia. Bottom line, it wasn’t the Crock-Pot that killed Jack. Let’s keep our eye on the ball, Super Fans.


“But It Goes Off When I’m Cooking And It’s So Annoying..”

Ah, yes. I am guilty of this, too. This is especially true for anyone who lives in an apartment. A good friend of mine is a NYC firefighter and gave me a great piece of advice once. He explained that he lived in a small NY apartment and every time he cooked he had to disconnect the smoke detector. So he wouldn’t forget to reconnect it after dinner, he always placed it on top of his pillow. This way he knew he would never go to sleep without it. I thought this was a very good tip. Thanks, Richie Gleason!

Have A Plan

It’s also a good idea to have a family plan. In our house, I have told my two children since they could speak in the event of a fire where they were unable to get out of their room they should jump out the window and run. I showed them how to cover their head and crouch down and everything. You can buy ladders that attach to window sills, but when every second counts I still think it’s better to jump if your planned exit is compromised. We live in a two story home where the jump is far less likely to injure them as greatly as a fire might. Not exactly a warm and fuzzy topic, but the thought of myself or someone I love dying in a fire is enough to induce a full on panic attack for me, at least.

Ask A Fireman’s Advice

I have found that most fire stations are filled with really nice firefighters who are always willing to speak to you. Walk in your local station and just ask questions you have. Bring your kids, listen and learn. If you have an hour to watch TV, you have an hour to do that.

Top Seven Fire Safety Tips

I got these directly from the NYFD Website, a great source of information and a plethora of downloadable tip sheets. Here’s what they say:

  1. Don’t smoke in bed, lying down, when drunk, drowsy, etc and extinguish butts completely  (I can’t believe we still have to remind people of this, but we do)
  2. Don’t use extension cords with large appliances
  3. Don’t leave food cooking unattended
  4. smoke alarms on every floor and in bedrooms for extra safety
  5. Plan, practice an escape plan. Close the door, GET OUT. You have three minutes.
  6. Keep matches and lighters away from children
  7. Don’t  leave the house or go to bed with candles burning

This weekend, why not take a few minutes and check all your smoke/CO alarms and see if they are in working order, need to be replaced or if you need additional units? There is nothing more valuable than keeping you and your family safe.

Remember, Crock-Pots don’t kill people. Homes without smoke alarms kill people. Stay safe and take care.

I think we should make it a national goal that every single home in America is outfitted with the necessary smoke alarms, don’t you?

Lots of Love + Cheers to the weekend!


Spring Cleaning, Fresh Starts And Loving What You Do

As we enter into Spring, we almost always think about fresh starts, the proverbial “cleaning house” in its various forms and dusting off what we deem as old and unneeded. That said, I decided to freshen up my demo reel. I’d like to think that a quick Google search brings up whatever anyone needs to know about me. But, the reality is that you have to do it yourself. In a funny way, all things in our lives involve a certain element of DIY, right? It’s always about doing things for yourself. So, thanks to my very talented and Emmy Award winning friend, Frank, here’s my new demo reel. It’s just a snippet of what I do, but an important snippet. When I look at these images I am reminded of how hard I work and how that work is rewarded with doing some really cool things with amazing people. And that I am proud that I have created a life where I can inspire people to try a little harder, know that anything is possible if you just try and that in the process we can have SO MUCH FUN.

Before you tackle any type of Spring Cleaning in your closet or your garage or your makeup bag, clean your mind, your thoughts and reset your goals. Rid yourself of what you don’t need, pay more attention to what you brings you joy and to what brings joy to others around you. It’s only then when the other stuff really starts to matter.

This Spring, I am tackling new projects, exploring some things that I’ve really wanted to do but been fearful of (yes, even I get fearful!) and letting go of what hasn’t proved to be productive to myself or my family. I thought it would be exhausting, but it’s really quite energizing and I encourage you to do the same. Chasing what you love is a journey you will never regret. You can clean out the basement later. 😉

I heard a great quote on YouTube the other day I’dlike to share with you:

“The only way you can do good work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Listen to your heart and your gut, hey almost intuitively know exactly what you need.”

And that my friends, is the ball game.



How To Light Your Home So You Look Good (Oh, And A $500 Giveaway!)

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt like whoever you were talking to could see very pore on your face? Well, I have and it’s not fun. Think about it..The doctor’s office, a diner, the DMV, the Emergency Room. What clears a room faster than the 100 watt lights that accompany the words, “Last Call!”?See where I’m going with this? It always boils down to one thing: LIGHTING

It’s true. You could be decked to the nines with a fresh blowout and your makeup done to perfection, but if the room is lit poorly you will immediately feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, at press time there was still no cell phone filter to remedy that problem. Conversely, when you walk into a space that is well lit, you don’t notice it. You just feel good. This is why top restaurants often hire lighting designers. It’s a fact..If you feel like you look good, you’ll be relaxed, have a better time and linger. If not, you want to hightail it out of there in no time! Right?

Why not use the same approach in your own home? It’s not that hard. Here’s how you do it.


Don’tbuy into the idea that a one-and-done overhead lamp is always the right solution, it’s not. Dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms should all have multiple lighting sources. A floor lamp, a table lamp (or two), an overhead lamp or chandelier. You can use some lights for reading, others when you have company, all three when you’re cleaning or doing something that requires lots of light. But, this is definitely Rule #1.

Rousseau Aged Brass Pendant

Rousseau Aged Brass Pendant


Every room, even the bathroom. Think about it, if you want to relax in a luxurious bubble bath, doesn’t it make sense to dim the lights? Exactly! Dimmers are inexpensive, easy to install and come in a plethora varieties of styles and colors nowadays. Also, lots of dimmers can now be controlled by an app on our smart phone, so you can arrive home already feeling fab. Genius.

Hadley Black Floor Lamp

Currey & Co White And Blue Brushstroke Lamp

Currey & Co White And Blue Brushstroke Lamp


A great lighting fixture can make a room, just like a great pair of shoes can make a $50 dress look like something off the runway. Depending on what your goals are, this can be achieved very easily with lighting. A statement chandelier, an azing pair of table lamps anchoring a chest, an unexpected sconce in a hallway or bedroom. Instantly fabulous! Don’t think of lighting as an afterthought, think of it with as much thought as the twenty-seven paint colors you looked at before deciding on the one that was perfect.


This comes easier for some of us than others. For example, I’m known to use chandeliers in kitchens and bathrooms because-why not? If it’s your house, you make the rules! Unexpected design touches are what makes our homes unique to us.Lighting is a fabulous way to acheive that. So many parts of lighting are customizable..heights, brightness, even your shades. I often change the lampshades on lights I antique lamp feels current when paired with a high gloss shade. A brightly hued lampshade can be used to coordinate better with a room’s decor instead of just white, The possibilities are far reaching and fantastic.

Austin Allen & Co. Semi-Flush Mount

Austin Allen & Co. Semi-Flush Mount

George Kovacs Pontil Honey Gold Six-Light Chandelier

George Kovacs Pontil Honey Gold Six-Light Chandelier

And now that I got you all excited about lighting your home (and looking amazing), here’s a special treat  for my readers: Bellacor is giving away a gift certificate for $500 worth of lighting found on! Follow them on social media (@bellacorlighting) and leave a comment here with your favorite lighting ont heir site and make sure you enter to win here: Bellacor Giveaway!

Hurry, because this giveaway ends on 2/13/2017. And GOOD LUCK!!!


XO, Courtney

STYLE FILES: Hotel Le Negresco’s Been Redecorating!

The iconic Hotel, Le Negresco, has stood elegantly at the helm of luxury in Nice for over one hundred years. But, like everything in France, even the historic must also be current. So, it comes as no surprise that there is a room by room renovation underway and no detail has been spared. Each room is designed and renovated individually in order to create unique spaces, brimming with art and interior design in a blend of contemporary and classic styles. They are a lesson in glamour and timeless sophistication.

Some of most innovative new arrivals: The Street Art room with its wall hangings designed by Pierre Frey and The Médicis decked out in Renaissance style.

CourtneyCachet, style, hotels

The Street Art Room

style, hotels, Courtney Cachet

The Médicis Room

These newly redesigned spaces are just the beginning of the complete renovation of the left side known as, “l’Aile Gauche Rivoli” on the 1st floor. I can’t wait to see each one as they are completed. I’ll let you know when the next style packed room is finished!


Kips Bay 2016: Glamour Steals The Show

The Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York opens May 12th through June 9th. Located in The Carlton House Townhouse at 19 East 61st Street, it is everything New York design is about..glamour, sophistication and elegance. A 10,000 square foot space, twenty one of the world’s best interior designers and architects and ticket sales that help fund after-school and enrichment programs for the kids of NYC’s Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, it is THE event in New York’s design world not to be missed.
If you can’t get there, not to fret, I partnered with Kohler, one of this year’s sponsors, to bring you all the must have highlights.

This year’s show proves glamour, thank goodness, is here to stay. Rich colors, textural everything, gold, bronze and silver metallics, European styling and unapologetic opulence. It’s ok to be fabulous. In fact, let’s take it front and center, shall we?

As you enter the front hall, you are instantly taken by the sea of rich blues and crimson. Designed by David Collins Studio, the exact blue is Cooks Blue from Farrow & Ball. The rich, crimson sconces are designed by Candia Lutyens. Hello, fabulous!

Front Hall, Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2016 Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Front Hall, Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2016 Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Immediately, ou are met with a delicious, dizzying array of interior design inspiration, inside and out. Art, architecture..and that kitchen entertainment closet, oh my.

Print by Ramona Rosales at Kips Bay Deocrator Show House. Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Print by Ramona Rosales at Kips Bay Deocrator Show House. Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Since all parties end up in the kitchen, let’s start there. Designed by Clive Christian Interiors, the use of Kohler, Kallista Plumbing, Dekton and Miele come together to create a functional kitchen with serious Rock Star cred.

Kitchen by Clive Christian Interiors. Bacifiore entertainment sink in Polished Distressed. Quincy Entertainment Faucet in Polished Nickel. Both from Kallista Plumbing, Kohler. Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Kitchen by Clive Christian Interiors. Bacifiore entertainment sink in Polished Distressed. Quincy Entertainment Faucet in Polished Nickel. Both from Kallista Plumbing, Kohler. Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Another sink and faucet in the Clive Christian Kitchen. Prolific Stainless Steel Sink,  Purist Kitchen Faucet by Ballista Plumbing, Kohler. Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Another sink and faucet in the Clive Christian Kitchen. Prolific Stainless Steel Sink,
Purist Kitchen Faucet by Ballista Plumbing, Kohler. Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Jennifer Lopez is a Kips Bay Boys And Girls Club alumna. And so, a powder room in her name. Welcome to the JLo Powder Room in all it’s glam glory!

JLo Powder Room Designed by Gil Walsh for Kohler. Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

JLo Powder Room Designed by Gil Walsh for Kohler. Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Here’s a closeup of the sink and faucet designer, Gil Walsh used..The Margaux Tall Single-Control Faucet in Brushed Bronze and the Briolette Vessel in Transluscent Doe. The photo is by Tony Duran, the wallpaper is made partly of cork (yes, really) and the mirror is by Barbara Barry for Baker.

JLo Powder Room Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

JLo Powder Room Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

This salon by Brian Sawyer and John Berson caught my eye because the armless sofa is both elegant and chic. The colors are soothing but rich. The primly tucked throw and tailored pillows are perfection.

Salon by Brian Sawyer and John Berson at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Salon by Brian Sawyer and John Berson at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Phot Credit: Courtney Cachet

Phillip Thomas took classic antiques, chic objets and had the walls spray painted in fun bright hues by Andrew Tedesco Studios. Brilliant and full of energy.

Phillip Thomas "Ladie's Lair" Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Phillip Thomas “Ladie’s Lair” Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Harry Heissmann pulled out all artistic stops in this room..combining a mosaic wall hanging, an amazing mirror by Christopher Spitzmiller, chic objets (that frog!) and Purist fixtures by Kohler in brushed gold throughout. The Jacquard vanity has two doors and six drawers..also, Heissmann used two towel bars on the vanity doors, a clever touch.

Powder Room by Harry Hessmann Phot Credit: Courtney Cachet

Powder Room by Harry Heissmann Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Powder Room by Harry Hessmann Phot Credit: Courtney Cachet

Powder Room by Harry Heissmann Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Powder Room by Harry Hessmann Phot Credit: Courtney Cachet

Powder Room by Harry Heissmann Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

In the Master Bath, designer S. Russell Groves took a different approach. Modern, clean lines are front and center. A little humor, color and glamorous hardware offer a nice balance to the room. Kohler’s uber-chic-meets-high-tech Numi Intelligent Toilet might be the gadget we all need in the bathroom. Groves used the Reve drop in tub, Jute Wall Hung Vanity and Purist brushed bronze fixtures throughout.

Master Bathroom, Kips Bay Decorator Show House by S. Russell Groves Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Master Bathroom, Kips Bay Decorator Show House by S. Russell Groves Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Master Bathroom, Kips Bay Decorator Show House by S. Russell Groves Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Master Bathroom, Kips Bay Decorator Show House by S. Russell Groves Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Master Bathroom, Kips Bay Decorator Show House by S. Russell Groves Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Master Bathroom, Kips Bay Decorator Show House by S. Russell Groves Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

If you don’t know, now you know: Steel Pergola.

Outdoor Space at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Outdoor Space at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Opulent elegance is not an oxymoron, Alex Papachristidis proves.

Opulence is always a good idea. By Alex Papachristidis Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

By Alex Papachristidis Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Garrow Kestigian took chalkboard paint-among other things-to a whole other level of sophistication.

Garrow Kestigian at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Garrow Kestigian at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Vignettes separate the good from the great interiors.

Vignette at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Vignette at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Did someone say LED lights sewn into the window treatments? Yes, Victoria Hagen did!

Victoria Hagen at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Victoria Hagen at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Les Ensembliers used French fabrics and lots of warm, gold shades.

Les Ensembliers at kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

Les Ensembliers at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Photo Credit: Courtney Cachet

In the end it all comes down to this. To date, The Kips Bay Decorator Show House has helped raise over $20,000,000 for the Boys And Girls Club and over 10,000 young people in New York City.

Here are some of them.

Kips Bay Decorator Show House Phot Credit: Courtney Cachet

Kips Bay Decorator Show House Phot Credit: Courtney Cachet

For the record, I think it’s always ok to be glamourous.



This post was brought to you in partnership with Kohler Co.

Bogotá Is So Fabulous It Needs Two Four Seasons Hotels


Ah, Colombia. The days where international travelers were advised not to travel here are, at long last, finally over. As a result, the capital city of Bogotá has emerged in full glory as one of the jewels of South America. Filled with luxury shopping, beautiful people and charming mercados, a second Four Seasons Property seems quite fitting.


The new Four Seasons Hotel Bogotá is modern, sleek, stylish and perfectly situated in the uber-chic Zona T neighborhood. Dust off your Vuitton valises, because come April the former Hotel Charleston is set to open joining The Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina Bogotá, as the brand’s second location in the city.

General Manager Luis Argote, a Colombian native, couldn’t be more enthusiastic, “While each Four Seasons hotel is as unique as its place and its people, the common thread throughout is a passion for quality and signature Four Seasons service that makes every visit memorable.”

If you’ve ever stayed at any Four Seasons property, you know ALL stays with them are memorable.

The Lauren Rotett designed rooms – almost half of which are suites-include custom-made beds, wooden paneling and pale wood flooring.The entire hotel has been remodeled from bathrooms to technological details, with nary a detail spared.


The spa, complete with Beauty Editor’s French favorite, Biologique Recherche, surely won’t disappoint guests seeking some pampering after a day of shopping or sightseeing. If you indulged in one too many arepas (how can you not?) there’s a Matrix equipment stocked fitness center. FYI, Juanes, Carlos Vives and Shakira make for a great running playlist, trust me! Once you see all the perfect bodies walking around Colombia, I’m pretty sure you’ll be motivated to hit the gym hard. And if nipping and tucking is your thing, Colombia has some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. Beauty is paramount in this country and plastic surgery is de rigeur for women (and men) alike.


After all that hip shaking at the gym and Googling “best plastic surgeons in Bogotá”-
(let’s be real here), make sure you check out Kuru, Four Seasons Japanese robata dining spot on property. In true Four Seasons style, the restaurant design is stunning, with a two-story glass façade facing Bogota’s gastro-chic, Carrera 13. In true Latin American style, The Four Seasons created a space that encourages staying awhile.
As Argote puts it, “We wanted to create a light-filled space that could offer multiple options for guests to dine, drink and enjoy time with friends and colleagues.”


In the expansive open kitchen, Executive Chef Pablo Peñalosa and his team will prepare selections of shareable sashimi and temaki from the sushi bar as well as more substantial dishes on the charcoal robata grill. Robata is always a treat, but I’m sure diners will enjoy a few “tocas Colombianas” here and there. It’s a Colombian thing. More memorable to local Colombians is Biblioteca, a one time power breakfast spot in the former Charleston Hotel space. It’s coming back, with a new glass wall opening up to a live green wall, and an incredible 40-plus-foot beaded installation inspired by indigenous motifs providing a colourful backdrop to Chef Pablo’s menu. Another touch of Colombian pride, however slight. The hotel lobby area sits between the two restaurants and is the perfect meeting spot with ample comfortable velvet couches and chic loungey vibe. Aguardiente or café?

Breakfast at Biblioteca

Breakfast at Biblioteca

Colombians also speak what I consider as the most beautiful version of the Spanish language. They have a neutral accent with a pretty, sing-songy type rhythm which is easy for non-native Spanish speakers to understand. They are warm, friendly people who love to have a good time and love all that is fine in life. The Four Seasons couldn’t have arrived at a better time.


In celebration of its grand opening, Four Seasons Hotel Bogota is offering the Experience More package, which includes a USD 100 hotel credit. For Hotel reservations, call 57 (1) 325 7900 or book online. For restaurant reservations at Kuru, call 57 (1) 325 7900.

Drybar + Blueprint Just Saved NYFW

Fashion Week Must Haves

Fashion week is finally here..are you ready?! I heard about acouple of cool things from BluePrint Juice and Drybar that will make sure you don’t miss a beat this Fashion Week.
So, Drybar hasupped their game this Fashion Week. Basically, they’ve gone all Uber on us and anyone in NYC is better off.

Offered in NYC only (to start), you can now call a Drybar stylist right to your door with the tap of a button on your smartphone. The appointment is booked and paid for directly through the app and clients are able to track the ETA of their stylist on a map, just like Uber! They have over 500+ experienced stylists in Manhattan and priced at $75 for a blowout (including gratuity), it’s the perfect option for a special occasion, or if no in-shop appointments are available. Download the app here:


Once you get that blowout, you need to keep up the look. BluePrint Juices are your ultimate survival companion this NYFW. Early wake up calls can be a breeze, with BluePrint’s Coffee Cashew Cinnamon Vanilla Juice. This healthy alternative to your favorite coffee drink has 130mg of caffeine, ensuring you’ll stay alert and energized (er, jacked up) throughout the day. As well, BluePrint’s Cashew Vanilla is the answer to a snack or a boost of protein to hold you over between shows. Need something to quench your thirst? The summer heat hasn’t escaped us quite yet, Watermelon Apple Mint will keep you hydrated and refreshed— perfect for the craziness of Fashion Week. Or if you need your green juice fix on the go – try BluePrint’s Green Juice, packed with kale, apple, ginger and more. All products are available online at or can be found in local Whole Foods and Fresh Direct in NY.

If you’re inspired to cleanse following fashion week – you can use their fall cleanse discount code CLEANSE35 to receive 35% your cleanse order! Uh, yeah!


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