How To Light Your Home So You Look Good (Oh, And A $500 Giveaway!)

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt like whoever you were talking to could see very pore on your face? Well, I have and it’s not fun. Think about it..The doctor’s office, a diner, the DMV, the Emergency Room. What clears a room faster than the 100 watt lights that accompany the words, “Last Call!”?See where I’m going with this? It always boils down to one thing: LIGHTING

It’s true. You could be decked to the nines with a fresh blowout and your makeup done to perfection, but if the room is lit poorly you will immediately feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, at press time there was still no cell phone filter to remedy that problem. Conversely, when you walk into a space that is well lit, you don’t notice it. You just feel good. This is why top restaurants often hire lighting designers. It’s a fact..If you feel like you look good, you’ll be relaxed, have a better time and linger. If not, you want to hightail it out of there in no time! Right?

Why not use the same approach in your own home? It’s not that hard. Here’s how you do it.


Don’tbuy into the idea that a one-and-done overhead lamp is always the right solution, it’s not. Dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms should all have multiple lighting sources. A floor lamp, a table lamp (or two), an overhead lamp or chandelier. You can use some lights for reading, others when you have company, all three when you’re cleaning or doing something that requires lots of light. But, this is definitely Rule #1.

Rousseau Aged Brass Pendant

Rousseau Aged Brass Pendant


Every room, even the bathroom. Think about it, if you want to relax in a luxurious bubble bath, doesn’t it make sense to dim the lights? Exactly! Dimmers are inexpensive, easy to install and come in a plethora varieties of styles and colors nowadays. Also, lots of dimmers can now be controlled by an app on our smart phone, so you can arrive home already feeling fab. Genius.

Hadley Black Floor Lamp

Currey & Co White And Blue Brushstroke Lamp

Currey & Co White And Blue Brushstroke Lamp


A great lighting fixture can make a room, just like a great pair of shoes can make a $50 dress look like something off the runway. Depending on what your goals are, this can be achieved very easily with lighting. A statement chandelier, an azing pair of table lamps anchoring a chest, an unexpected sconce in a hallway or bedroom. Instantly fabulous! Don’t think of lighting as an afterthought, think of it with as much thought as the twenty-seven paint colors you looked at before deciding on the one that was perfect.


This comes easier for some of us than others. For example, I’m known to use chandeliers in kitchens and bathrooms because-why not? If it’s your house, you make the rules! Unexpected design touches are what makes our homes unique to us.Lighting is a fabulous way to acheive that. So many parts of lighting are customizable..heights, brightness, even your shades. I often change the lampshades on lights I antique lamp feels current when paired with a high gloss shade. A brightly hued lampshade can be used to coordinate better with a room’s decor instead of just white, The possibilities are far reaching and fantastic.

Austin Allen & Co. Semi-Flush Mount

Austin Allen & Co. Semi-Flush Mount

George Kovacs Pontil Honey Gold Six-Light Chandelier

George Kovacs Pontil Honey Gold Six-Light Chandelier

And now that I got you all excited about lighting your home (and looking amazing), here’s a special treat  for my readers: Bellacor is giving away a gift certificate for $500 worth of lighting found on! Follow them on social media (@bellacorlighting) and leave a comment here with your favorite lighting ont heir site and make sure you enter to win here: Bellacor Giveaway!

Hurry, because this giveaway ends on 2/13/2017. And GOOD LUCK!!!


XO, Courtney

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