What To Buy: Blush

While “blush” has been somewhat buzzy the last few years, it’s actually a timeless classic. it works in any season and always looks elegant. No Easter Egg vibe anywhere, because ew.

Here’s what I’m coveting in blush:

Blush Velvet Sofa Talisman London Bespoke Low Backed French Style Sofa About $4000. Don’t even think about eating tacos on this, please.

Bauble Bar Earrings $36 On trend without trying too hard.


Pink Alabaster Glass Dinner Plates $7.95 each Pier One  A “Rose All Day” kinda vibe.

Sam Edelman Leya Shoes  In anything darker they’d be a horror show.

Yves Dolorme Prestige Bath Mat  $135 at Harrod’s. Luxe details are important, that’s why.

Dior Vernis Gel Shine Incognito $27 at Nordstrom   It’s time to say goodbye to Hello Baby

Abalone Shell from Sherwin Williams. A little deeper but looks lighter on walls.

Have a fabulous day. Crush the blush. XO


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